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Providing a proven antimicrobial coating and products

We will provide a proven antimicrobial solution for your products

WellProtect is a state-of-the-art antibacterial mechanism that transforms virtually any surface at the molecular level to protect against odors and deterioration-causing microbes. Wellprotect's core technology is to protect various surfaces such as wood, metal, plastic, glass, ceramic, etc. with a protective film with antibacterial function without altering the surface. This shield is strong, durable, and invisible but very effective against single-celled microbes that cause odors and contamination. Wellprotect prevents contamination and odors by inhibiting the growth of bacteria as well as fungi, viruses and algae .


WellProtect Technology

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WellProtect has structural features and physically removes microorganisms. With WellProtect, you can create a healthier environment in your home by providing strong antibacterial surface protection without bleach, toxic chemicals or harmful odors. Simply bathrooms, kitchen, playroom, bathroom, exercise facility, even after cleaning the clothes and bedding using WellProtect can be protected from fungi and bacteria. WellProtect various contaminants and odors with innovative antimicrobial materials that began in the United States It is a product using the technology of SiSHIELD, which has provided a solution to control inducing microorganisms. WellProtect is a next-generation antimicrobial agent made from a quaternary ammonium silicon ("SiQAC") compound in aqueous solution form. WellProtect is non-flammable, can be easily used on all surfaces without dilution or separate solvent, and is economical due to its long shelf life. WellProtect's technology allows silicon-based quaternary ammonium salts to react with certain organosilanes to form a strong integrated structure, which is invisible on the surface (1 molecule deep) but is durable due to strong bonding (ion exchange and rapid polymerization). It binds strongly with the surface) and has a strong antibacterial activity. Due to its strong antimicrobial properties, this compound is very effective against bacteria that cause gram-positive and gram-negative odors, lasts at least 30 days (can last for several months depending on the situation and environment) and is suitable for a variety of surfaces, substrates, tools and applications. Useful and useful. WellProtect's antibacterial technology and products protect the surfaces of everyday objects from contamination and odors by microorganisms.

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| Silane Base

WellProtect's silane groups are slowly covalently bonded through a hydrolysis reaction to form a coating on the surface, providing long-lasting antibacterial protection against a wide range of single cell microbes.

| Nitrogen

The second part of the WellP rotect is charged with a nitrogen group after the silane group. This area attracts bacteria, viruses and microbes that approach the surface.

| Long Molecular Chain

Next to the nitrogen group is a "needle"-like carbon chain that comes into contact with microorganisms. These areas pierce and destroy the microbial cell membrane like a "needle."

WellProtect is DIFFERENT

WellProtect is highly toxic and is significantly different from conventional disinfectants, disinfectants or biocides that pollute the environment. Just 25 years ago, 90% could be controlled with antibiotics. However, due to the continued use of antimicrobial agents, microorganisms have emerged altered mutations (superbugs) to overcome the threat, reducing the range of control to 50%. WellProtect does not mutate or mutate microorganisms because no toxic substances or toxin compounds are used that cause changes to adapt.


Broad Spectrum

WellProtect removes germs by physical means. This is a different level of sterilization than conventional methods that attack only specific bacteria or become active only under specific conditions. It can remove not only bacteria, but also viruses, fungi, and algae, so it can be applied to a wide range.



WellProtect 's raw materials are registered with the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and are strictly managed in accordance with environmental regulations. WellProtect uses water as a solvent, so it does not volatilize or leach. WellProtect is colorless, odorless, and contains no heavy metals, formaldehyde and phenol groups, making it environmentally friendly and safe.



WellProtect chemically and molecularly binds strongly to virtually any substrate, making it hard to wash off or peel off and lasts longer. This bond is so strong that in theory it will be permanently bound. As a result of the experiment, we were able to confirm that this binding remained unchanged for at least 30 days.



WellProtect adheres to the surface and has antibacterial activity, but when it is bonded to the surface, it does not affect the surface at all and adheres only by covalent bonding of WellProtect's silane groups. It can be applied to various products such as plastics, metals, fabrics, paints, etc. as it does not cause deterioration or migration of the surface and does not require heat or energy for reaction.



No separate device or operation is required. Spray WellProtect (or wipe gently with a cloth) and wait for it to dry naturally. The condensation reaction causes moisture to fly away quickly, so spraying on the surface takes up to 3 minutes to get a clean and safe antibacterial surface.


WellProtect inhibits the growth of fungi and microorganisms.

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Use WellProtect on kitchen counters, tiles, sinks, floors, trash cans, handles around the house, washbasins in bathrooms, toilets and bedding to protect against odor-causing bacteria.

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Use WellProtect to create a healthy environment around the lives of children with weak immunity, such as desks, chairs, toys, mats, game consoles, bedding, and bags.

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Create a safe environment with WellProtect for sports facilities and sports equipment that are crowded and prone to contamination with secretions.

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Wherever odor-causing bacteria can live, WellProtect protects against mold and mold deterioration, stains and odors.